Jemely & Jeremy Jayme

Jemely and Jeremy Jayme are twin sisters who are passionate storytellers and freelance artists. They’re the kind of twins who do everything together, very much like Fred and George Weasley.

They've shown at pop culture galleries and are featured guests at several comic conventions. They currently reside in Arizona.

Current projects include photography collection The Darkroom Series, graphic novel Medusa: A Monster’s Journey, and TBA films.

Current updates can be found on Instagram.


The Darkroom Series

In this illustration series, we try to capture the humanity of well known icons. We spend days researching each piece asking ourselves where and when in time was this taken? What is happening? Who is taking the picture? Are they a professional or amateur photographer? What type of camera? Why was the photo taken?
Our ultimate goal is to show “we are all the same.”





The Darkroom Series

The Darkroom Series is an illustration collection where we create a set of "photos" of well known icons and show the human side of them. We've created a Wonder Woman set during WWII, a Harry Potter set of photographs taken by Hogwarts student: Colin Creevey, an Indiana Jones set of photos of Indy's life, and we are currently working on another set of mugshots. What we love about our series is that it lets people connect with characters they love and it shows they are people like anyone else.

More Projects

Future stories to be announced...



With most conventions cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now depending on our online sales for income.

Only if you can afford to support us, please consider becoming a patron for a few months. Another way you can support us is to purchase from our online store! We have listed almost all our convention products online.

Thank you so much to all our supporters and please stay safe!

-Jemely & Jeremy

We are always updating this page with our latest events. Please keep checking back to see if we're coming to a convention near you!

If you don't see your con listed, you can request us as guests on your local con's site!


  • Jul 30-Aug 1 Wondrous Wizard Weekend (Online)

  • Oct 7-10 New York Comic Con (New York, NY)

More to be announced...



  • Feb 28-Mar 1 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (Chicago, IL)

  • Mar 12-15 Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA) CANCELLED

  • Apr 3-5 Magic From Home Con (Online)

  • May 21-24 Phoenix Fan Fusion (Phoenix, AZ) CANCELLED

  • Jul 3-5 Denver Pop Culture Con (Denver, CO) CANCELLED

  • Jul 31-Aug 2 LeakyCon (Orlando, FL) CANCELLED

  • Jul 31-Aug 2 Wondrous Wizard Weekend (Online)

  • Aug 21-23 Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA) CANCELLED

  • Aug 21-23 Kuumba Kickback (Online)

  • Sep 1 Isle of Magic (Online)

  • Sep 25-27 Phoenix Fan Fusion (Phoenix, AZ) CANCELLED

  • Oct 8-11 New York Comic Con X MCM Metaverse (Online)


  • Mar 14-17 Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA)

  • Mar 22-24 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (Chicago, IL)

  • May 23-26 Phoenix Fan Fusion (Phoenix, AZ)

  • Aug 9-11 LeakyCon (Dallas, TX)

  • Sep 5-7 FanX (Salt Lake City, UT)

  • Oct 11-13 LeakyCon (Boston, MA)

  • Nov 1-3 Tucson Comic-Con (Tucson, AZ)


  • Mar 1-4 Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA)

  • Apr 6-8 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (Chicago, IL)

  • May 24-27 Phoenix Comic Fest (Phoenix, AZ)

  • Jun 15-17 Denver Comic Con (Denver, CO)

  • Aug 10-12 LeakyCon (Dallas, TX)

  • Aug 30-Sep 3 Dragon Con (Atlanta, GA)

  • Oct 4-7 New York Comic Con (New York, NY)

  • Oct 27-28 GeekGirlCon (Seattle, WA)

  • Nov 2-4 Tucson Comic-Con (Tucson, AZ)


  • A Series of Unfortunate Events Tribute Show at Fan*Alley's The Artist Lodge (Anaheim, CA)

  • Fan*Alley's Ground Zero Animation Expo (Anaheim, CA)

  • Emerald City Comicon (Seattle, WA)

  • Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo (Calgary, Alberta, CANADA)

  • POPzilla's Sith Happens Gallery (Anaheim, CA)

  • Phoenix Comicon (Phoenix, AZ)

  • Ohana and Tiki Tribute Gallery for Chris Sanders (Santa Ana, CA)

  • Rose City Comic Con (Portland, OR)

  • GeekGirlCon (Seattle,WA)

  • Phoenix Fan Fest (Phoenix, AZ)


  • All Girls Film Challenge Screening and Networking Event (Redmond, WA)

  • Emerald City Comicon (Seattle, WA)

  • Edmonds Art Walk (Edmonds, WA)

  • Phoenix Comicon (Phoenix, AZ)

  • PNW Mouse Meet (Lynnwood, WA)

  • History of the Batman's Darwyn Cooke Tribute Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Rose City Comic Con (Portland, OR)

  • GeekGirlCon (Seattle, WA)

  • Jet City Comic Show (Tacoma, WA)


  • 2 Sketchy Dames' Don Bluth Tribute Show at Fan*alley (Anaheim, CA)

  • Mill Creek Art Walk (Mill Creek, WA)

  • GeekGirlCon (Seattle, WA)

  • 2 Sketchy Dames' The Neverending Fantasy Show at Fan*alley (Anaheim, CA)

  • POPzilla's Time After Time Gallery (Anaheim, CA)

  • Central City Comic Con (Yakima, WA)

  • Jet City Comic Show (Tacoma, WA)

  • Jayme Twins Solo Show: The Darkroom Series Gallery (Anaheim, CA)

  • Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest (Glendale, AZ)

  • Dirty Bucket Brewery featured artist wall (Woodinville, WA)


  • Mill Creek Art Walk (Mill Creek, WA)

  • 2 Sketchy Dames' Halloween Gallery at Fan*alley (Anaheim, CA)


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